Miscellaneous Precast Products

Precast Padstones

Ardee Precast Concrete manufacture a range of precast concrete padstones for use under steel beams, etc. Our standard sizes are – 440x215x100, 440x215x215, 440x215x150, 440x300x215, 675x215x100.  We also manufacture corner padstones in various sizes. All are available in cast or fairfaced finish.  Other sizes can be made to order.

APC-903 - PC Padstone Specification

Precast Septic Tank Covers

We also manufacture replacement Septic Tank covers of any size and thickness to suit your existing tank .  Contact us with your dimensions and we can quote you. All our replacement covers will have lifting inserts cast in to allow safe and easy fitting.

Precast Pipe Ballast Weights

A recent addition to our product range are pipe ballast weights. Typically these are used to hold down various sized outflow pipes onto the sea bed. The most popular size is to suit a 100mm upvc pipe but other sizes can be manufactured as required. It is manufactured with a specially designed concrete mix to withstand the conditions pertaining on the sea bed.

APC-909 - Pipe Ballast Weight Specification