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Road Safety Barriers

Ardee Precast Concrete supply and install the System Spengler temporary barrier road restraint system. A precast concrete barrier designed in Germany that is used regularly across Europe, UK and Ireland as a temporary road restraint protective barrier for both highway and off-site earthworks projects. EN-1317 compliant, the key benefit is the speed of installation and removal due to our unique JJ hook inter-connecting system.


We manufacture a wide range of fence products for commercial, residential and the D.I.Y. user alike. Our fence products comply with IS EN 12839:2012 and BS 1722-2:2006 and are CE marked. See our extensive range below. DoP’s available on request.

Lintels / Designed Beams

We manufacture both prestressed and precast concrete lintels, and designed beams. All our units comply with IS EN 845-2:2013 and are CE marked. Prestressed lintels are standard stock in sizes 100x65mm, 150x65mm & 215x65mm and are manufactured in lengths from 900 to 3300mm long. We also now offer 100x150mm deep, 150x100mm deep and 100x215mm deep prestressed lintels and are again standard stock. These are manufactured in lengths from 1050 to 2550 mm long .

General Precast Products

We manufacture and supply a wide range or precast concrete products, for both the commercial and home markets. From cills to lintels, chimneys to kerbs, we supply all sorts of precast items. We can also cater for specialised products, so make sure you give us a call if you’ve a specific concrete need.

More Products

Tractor Ballast Weights

We manufacture a range of high quality APC tractor ballast weights. At a significantly lower cost than other front end ballast options, these heavy duty ballast weights can reduce the overall cost of your new tractor purchase, while still maintaining an attractively styled weight. These ballast weights are available in either 750kg or 1,000kg versions, and can be supplied colour matched to suit your tractor or in a simple plain black design.

Readymix, Aggregates & Other

Ardee Precast Concrete Ltd. supply Readymix Concrete and Readymix Mortar to the building & domestic market. We also supply various sizes & types of concrete blocks, stock brick & soap bars, as well as sand and aggregate in 1 tonne or ½ tonne robust bags.

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