Ardee Precast Concrete manufacture a wide range of fence products for commercial, residential and the D.I.Y. user alike.  Our fence products comply with IS EN 12839:2012 and BS 1722-2:2006 and are CE marked.  See our extensive range below.  DoP’s available on request.  Contact us to discuss your particular needs.

Details & Specifications

APC-400C - 1.98m Intermediate fence post

APC-401D - 1.98m Strainer fence post & Strut

APC-402B - Corner-3way 1.98m Strainer & Strut

APC-403A - 2.4m Intermediate fence post

APC-404A - 2.4m Strainer fence post & Strut

APC-405A - 3.0m Intermediate Cranked fencing post

APC-406A - 3.0m Cranked Strainer post & Strut

APC-407B - H fencing post & panel

APC-408A - Post & Rail fencing

APC-409A - Fence Plinth

APC-410A - Gate Post

Material Safety Data Sheet - Fencing

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